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Dear Fellow Libertarians;

2006 promises to be the best opportunity we've ever had to directly and substantially impact an election cycle and Arizona politics. Ernest Hancock (for Secretary of State), former Sheriff of Graham County, Richard Mack (for U.S. Senator) and Barry Hess (for Governor) are already pounding the pavement, giving interviews and preparing for a serious test of philosophies in the marketplace of political ideas. It's becoming clear to the general public that there really is no difference between a Republican and a Democrat. will be your portal to the Freedom Movement in action! Make sure you bookmark this site and visit it often as we continue to turn up the volume for individual liberties and, All of our Freedoms — All of the Time!”

Be sure to explore the site, and make suggestions about things that need to be updated. We’ll be bringing you all the details of our plan to maximize our impact on the 2006 election cycle. For daily updates of news and commentary please bookmark or make your homepage 

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The “L” Factor began as an Arizona State “Committee Organization in support of one or more candidates” in 2004. This means very little to libertarians, but the filing of the committee is what produces the all powerful “Government #”. What experienced activists have learned over the past decade of influencing Arizona politics is that in order for the main stream media to recognize and cover the effort, be it a candidacy, ballot initiative, recall, referendum, law suit, or personal arrest in protest of big government — ya gotta have a ‘government’ filing number. It seems that the government number is a permission slip for media coverage. The reality is more likely that they just do not see any political activism as valid without the blessings of the government.


But the political environment has evolved and The “L” Factor terminated its relationship with government as of October 27th, 2004. The “mainstream” press has been outed as the propaganda lapdog of political power. This was most recently made obvious by the total lack of coverage of the Comedy Channel’s Stephen Colbert roasting of President Bush sitting 8 feet away from Mr. Colbert at the Annual Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner April 29th, 2006 (full video of speech A compilation of what was actually reported demonstrates this point very clearly ( With the evolution of the Internet we no longer seek media coverage and I can find no justification in seeking government authorization to exercise my right to say what I want, to whomever I want, any way I want. When I speak of “we” I refer to those that serve the libertarian message. is a personal effort of Ernest Hancock to help spread the libertarian message and does not coordinate any campaign activities through individual campaigns. Donations are not tax deductible or limited. They are gifts to me to do with as I please.


Those of you that have followed freedom activism over the past 2–15 years find most of the names below familiar, or even close friends. They are all well read and seasoned activists. They are hard core, no-compromise libertarians that have had major impacts on many state and federal races in the past, and are well known to the media. The radio archives at & give libertarians the opportunity to define themselves directly to the masses without a Republican, Democrat or Media filter. Every one of the candidates has been on or even hosted one of these radio shows and can be heard by going to the archives and looking for their name on the ‘List by Guest’. Additional shows are planned. We will be able to use our technological abilities to our advantage, and even up the odds a bit.


We don’t need to get the most votes to WIN! The creation of a “Freedom Block” of voters is enough to force freedom issues into the election debate. Without an injection of the libertarian infection into the bone marrow of politics in this country, we are not likely to have freedom issues even brought up by Democrat or Republican campaigns. I am of the opinion that the worst is yet to come. But I am hopeful! More freedom supporters are always welcome. By setting a clear example and a high standard here and now, and providing open opposition to what is happening to our individual rights, we are doing the most effective thing that can be done right now. While it is allowed, we should avail ourselves of all peaceful opportunities to demonstrate resistance to tyranny.


Beginning with Arizona, libertarian activists across the United States have targeted federal, state, city and local races to make Liberty the Determining Factor. This ‘L’ factor ( will have its most visible impact on the current election cycle as we articulate that a vote for a Republican or a Democrat is a vote against freedom.


Libertarians represent the voting Block of Freedom Lovers, who have clearly been ignored by Republicans and Democrats alike. That makes for a lot of potential Libertarians.


Voting may do little more than sanction the installation of liberty and property thieves into powerful political positions, or at best endorse the tyranny of the majority in fleecing the taxpayer and the financial rape of property owners. If you choose to express your opinion by voting, please do not cast your vote into a vast sea of futility by supporting the “evil of two lessers”. Vote Libertarian, the best of the bunch, and the two major parties will be forced to respond to our growing block of Freedom voters and supporters. If there’s no Libertarian in a particular race—don’t cast a vote in that race. If you want your vote to get noticed, you have to let them know that you vote for freedom, vote against tyranny and make your personal Liberty the Determining Factor.  Please support The “L” Factor!


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The "L" Factor
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The “L” Factor

c/o Ernest Hancock

5739 N. 11th Way

Phoenix, AZ. 85014


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A great deal of work has gone into preparing freedom lovers with this opportunity to make certain that the freedom voice is heard when it is needed so badly. I ask that you please help us now.


For those who would like to volunteer their candidacy, time, or expertise towards the freedom movement, please contact me at:


Thank you,


Ernest Hancock

Phoenix, AZ

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